Rear-Mounted Nightvision Scope

In this set-up, a compact, no-magnification nightvision scope is attached onto the eyepiece behind the targetscope – no need to use tools. The hunter then looks into the eyepiece of the nightvision scope, which brightens the image in the riflescope. Should the residual light be insufficient, it can be supplemented with an IR illuminator.

Nachsatz Dj8

Verdict: A fair amount of light gets lost on the way through a riflescope (60-80% depending on the scope), meaning that you’ll also need to use a stronger supplementary IR beam.

To maintain a workable picture quality, the scope should be set to a low magnification.

The setback here is the fact that the apparatus is packed between the eye and the scope itself, considerably reducing the eye relief and leaving your eye in worryingly close proximity to the recoil radius. You can counteract this, at least in part, by using a buttstock pad of at least 10cm in length. This will buffer any impact occasioned by the recoil.

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