Also known as front-mounted nightvision scope, or night vision attachment.

In this set-up, a nightvision scope (without magnification) is brought to sit just in front of the targetscope (i.e. between the scope and the end of the barrel). The nightvision scope is pushed onto the lens barrel from the front and fastened with a clip. The gunman looks through the targetscope as normal and will, thanks to the nightvision scope in front of it, see a clear, bright picture.

The targetscope’s existing variable magnification can of course be used. With high-end frontsnipers, you can use up to 12 x magnification. If the residual light is insufficient, it can be supplemented with an IR beam.

In order to be able to mount a frontsniper, you do need to have enough space on the      targetscope for the clasp:

  • There must be at least 3.7 cm space at the lens of the targetscope.
  • There must also be at least 3 mm space between the targetscope and the barrel.


Verdict: Testimony to the effectiveness of the frontsniper solution is its use by various military units.

The plus points are as follows:

  • Easy handling.
  • When the residual light is sufficient, it can be used without an IR beam.

Tips for Use:

Push the frontsniper onto the lens from the front and fasten the clamp by pushing down the levers. When needed, attach the infrared beamer.

If you have the focus set on night vision device and are not yet fully satisfied, you can achieve a further improvement by turning the eyepiece of the scope.

Complete assembly:


Individual Components:


Here’s a video for more details:   Video

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